MediaBay is empty - and so are all presetlists


Cubase Pro 8.5 here. Upgraded from 7.5, encountering big issues with MediaBay.


  • MediaBay is EMPTY. (Screenshot 1)
  • Preset lists in all Steinberg instruments (HALion, Mystic, Padshop etc…) are also EMPTY. (Screenshot 2)

It is the same situation in new projects as well as in older projects (created on earlier versions)
This happened with the upgrade to 8.5…

I have tried every button and setting in the MediaBay-window.

All work has been brought to a complete halt with this situation, so any advice is very welcome. :slight_smile:

Probably the Preferences are messed up.

Temporary revert to the factory preferences on Cubase Startup and see if the Problem persists. Press ALT+CTRL+Shift on startup and temporary disable custom prefs.

Novik, the truly wise, indeed! That worked. Thank you!!

Glad i could help. :slight_smile: