MediaBay keeps scanning Factory content although it has been de-selected

Hello there.

I’ve been experiencing an issue that is becoming a real problem in my workflow.
I’m on Cubase 9.5.1 (latest update) on a High Sierra Mac OSX.

I’m my own presets and fx chains that I want to use, and the media bay keeps popping the cubase internal presets of different plugins. I don’t want to see it. As far as I understand, in the MediaBay you can tick and untick the places that you want the MediaBay to scan and you can also untick the Factory content, but the factory presets still show up!
Also, As soon as I close the program and re-lunch it, it forgets it and just scanning the factory library again.

Would really appriciate if anyone can help me sort out this issue

Many thanks!

have you ever allowed it to complete scanning the library?