Mediabay - loops etc

In the past I’ve pretty much ignored mediabay because it seemed a bit of a mess…

But I’ve been seeing if it’s actually useful at all to me. I sometimes use percussion loops, or hi hat loops behind rhythms that I’ve played in… I generally just access them though the mac finder and drag them in. But between doing jobs I’ve been playing with mediabay and programming in some data like tempo, character etc.

Does anyone here use the mediabay when accessing samples/loops? The dedicated loop browser seems frustrating to me… I can’t access the character data etc easily enough. So I’ve just been using the actual mediabay.

The inability to add to the ‘content sets’ is annoying.

The letters on the graphical representation of the content sets in the new mediabay section seem to be a bit random. Also I’ve crashed a few times whilst using it.

Anyone using mediabay/loop browser?

Yep use media bay (not the loop browser) frequently for the same reasons as you… i have ‘stupid’ amounts of percussion such as congas, bongos, many kinds of ethnic percussion etc and find it invaluable for quickly locating and auditioning what i’m after…
This post should help you to some extent but like most things spending time with it, the manual and any internet search engine will help you to become more familiar with it.

Great thanks… good to get some context into how other people are using mediabay.

It’s actually really useful but they need to simplify the search criteria.

There’s too many options that really aren’t useful. If I’m looking for a Conga… it’s really important that I can easily seperate the one shots from the loops…and you can…

but it’s more important than whether it’s ‘vintage or modern’ and that should be represented somehow. Especially since there is also an option for ‘old and new’.

Those options are indeed there… you just need to look… you’ll find them in the ‘Defined’ criteria in the attribute inspector… you’ll most likely have to enter your own values though for 3rd party loops/one shots… just looking at it in front of me now as i compile a conga track…you’re just going to have to spend a bit more time with it.

Yeah - I’ve found them… but like I said they’re buried under too many other criteria that are too similar.

ie genre AND category AND style AND sub category AND sub style.

don’t get me wrong … it’s useful… but I think Steinberg should streamline it.

Also, some of it should be more editable…

like I’ve got some orchestral drums… there’s not really any suitable criteria, and i want to make sure it’s seperate from the 808’s etc … I guess ‘classical’ and then ‘classical soundtrack’… but it’s not classical… just orchestral.

Yes i’m 100% with you on that one… it would be INCREDIBLY useful if there were more editable fields in the category, subcategory and style, substyle sections… surely that one couldn’t be too hard…
One or two of the fields such as family name and library name are editable if one double clicks but it’s not immediately obvious.