Mediabay (Mac) - Copied Patches turn into data garble

I was already talking about this here but I figured I should do a propper issue report as well:

  1. Open Mediabay
  2. Search for a suitable place in the file tree to create a custom folder
  3. Right-click your folder of choice and select “create folder”
  4. Find a patch that you would like to copy to another folder and drag&drop it into your new folder while holding CMD Key
  5. select your new folder in the file tree and look at the patch list - is it empty?
  6. to be sure, you can rescan the folder by right-clicking it and selecting “rescan disk”

There will be no files. Because Mediabay creates weird ghost files when you copy them to another location. Files without extension - invisible to Mediabay.

This is a new bug which I just found yesterday. Please fix this asap :+1: