Mediabay messing with the size of my samples.

I’ve got the Nerve drum plug-in from Xfer and with this plug-in follows a sample library of about 1,5 GB. When enabling the Nerve sample library folder in the Mediabay, the size of the library start to increase from 1,5 GB to xx GB. I have disabled Mediabay and re-installed the library three times when the library folder has reached 89 GB in size.

When I go into the library’s subfolders I can see that samples originally 100 kB in size is changing to 2-3 GB as the Mediabay is indexing the folder.

It’s only this particular folder (the Nerve library) that is affected by this strange behaviour.

Does anyone have an idea what is going on and/or can suggest a fix?

I fixed it by moving two subfolders containing the samples that repetedly increased their size. Still, if someone knows why this was happeing, please feel free comment.