Mediabay metadata?

Hey guys, does anyone know if you can add metadata in Mediabay? Apart from the rating filter is there any way to add more descriptive info to each sound? If not has anyone got a work around for this or should I just go and get Soundminer?

Thanks in advance,


Yes you can add your own custom searchable metadata tags/key words.

Feel like sharing your methods Stealth? Much appreciated.

See the second post in this thread:

Perfect thanks Stealth.

ah now Mediabay doesn’t read metadata, it only lets you read tags and you have to label them yourself. Pretty handy but I have a 650 gig SFX library with metadata that needs to be read and I don’t think ‘taging’ each individualy is going to be realistic :frowning:

Ideas anybody? or should I just get Soundminer or something that can read metadata?