[Mediabay] Multiple column grid sort and advanced filtering

Huge sample/program libraries would be operated much better and Halion would have more flexibility if it had multiple column grid sort feature on Mediabay grid so that User could sort programs on several columns or history of previously sorted columns was also taken into account to show the data sorted.

Additionally, having advanced filtering option such as filtering on attributes that are not included in the upper section of Mediabay (e.g. Comment, or any other field of a program that User wants to see on the grid) would also provide great feature to work with large libraries in the most efficient way. It could be or a selector of fields on the grid or some pseudo language i.e.: Comment=Mono or Comment!=Duplicate

Also, please show somewhere how many programs are selected. Knowing how many samples are shown, selected and total number of them would help a lot in multi-program operations.