Mediabay Not Dragging Poly WAV Second Time

Hi guys,

So I like to have mono tracks for my multi-channel projects, as I often make little adjustments to the L rather than the R, for instance. When I drag a poly wave from mediabay to the project for the first time, it lays itself nice and neatly into their mono tracks (L to L, R to R, C to C… you get it). But if I want to take another section from the same poly wave file in mediabay to the project for a second time, it will ONLY bring over the first of the poly waves (so, only L).

This is so annoying for my workflow. How can I select and drag ALL tracks of the poly wave over to my project from mediabay a second, third, fourth, etc. time, rather than just the first time?


What is a poly wave?
Do you drop it to empty space at first time?

I corrected myself, I meant Poly WAV, so a .wav file with multiple channels in it. Yes, dropped to an empty space every time.