MediaBay not playing in sync and more...


I’m sorry if this had been dicussed before but i cant seem to find it anywhere here.

Ive just upgraded to C6 and been having some problems which i’ve never experienced in C5:

1: Most of the samples do not play in sync with the track when i preview them in “Align Beats to Project”

2: When project is playing and i start previewing samples in Media Bay some of them dont play instantly . I have to click on a button to get it to play…like switch on and off the “Align Beats to Project” button - or clicking pause and play.

Does this call for a Media Bay re-built ?

If so whats the best way to do it to ensure a fresh re-build ?

Thanks in advance

Regarding your first question, could it be that you are trying to preview REX files?

hmmm…could be! will def test that.

and from what ive seen here C6 has some issues with REX and Media Bay right ?

Right, Media Bay doesn’t sync them with the project.


I have been waiting years for this to happen!!!

I have to use Ableton Live as a rewire just for this function and hate having to rewire!!!

Why will you not do this after people have been requesting it for many years?

It would be great to right click and slice to groove agent from the media bay!!!

This is the way I produce and it has me leaning more towards Ableton live.

I find Cubase to slow for things like this and to have it all would make Cubase a more fully loaded DAW.