Mediabay not showing content in the right bar

I have installed Cubase content on an external drive and as a consequence Mediabay is not showing anymore content on the right bar. How do I reconnect Mediabay to the right folders in the external drive? I already rescanned the external drive folders but Mediabay does not read/see Steinberg content at all.

I have see I should create a Volume on the external drive but the external drive is already full of files and I can’t write on it.

Any solution?

Do you move content with
Steinberg Library Manager ?

I’ve had the same problem. I tried moving with the Library Manager and loops and sounds still aren’t showing up. Loopmash content can’t be located, many Reverence Impulse files also can’t be located.

Tried to find a way to specify paths in Media Bay but couldn’t find that either.

Yes, so I know where the content is (checking on the Library Manager) but Mediabay is not showing it.

i have similar problem, but i didnt move factory content stuff, just missclick uncheck it in mediabay.

Then i restart cubase, uncheck vst content & Check again, then mediabay starts scan again (like 2hrs in my case) and after that show everything again

Where is the uncheck vst content command?