Mediabay: Old issue 5.1 vs. REX2-audiofiles

I’m having this very weird issue with Mediabay ever since Nuendo V5:

When I preview a 5.1, mono or stereo WAV-audiofile, my Mediabay previews it properly by playing the left channel through my left ControlRoom-speaker, the right channel through my right ControlRoom-speaker , etc. etc.

But when I preview a REX2-audiofile, either stereo or mono, after I previewed a 5.1 WAV-audiofile, Mediabay plays random parts of the previously-previewed-5.1WAVaudiofile simultaneously through the other ControlRoom-speakers while playing mono REX2-audiofiles through my left ControlRoom-speaker and playing stereo REX2-audiofiles through my L&RControlRoom-speakers.
This only happens when I preview REX2-audiofiles after I previewed 5.1 WAV-audiofiles.
When I preview a mono or stereo WAV-audiofile before I preview a REX2-audiofile, nothing weird happens and Mediabay acts properly…

I hope someone has a clue what’s going on?
Thanks, Niek/ Amsterdam.

If I remember correctly, The Media Bay had problems with Rex files. I ended up moving all my Rex files out of my regular sample libraries so Media Bay wouldn’t try to scan them ever again. It always crashed upon trying to scan rex files. This was several years ago but it looks like they still haven’t made it work properly. Surprise!

Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone on this.
I’ve filled in a Yamaha support ticket for this issue, and hopefully someone @ Steinberg has time to find out what’s going (wr)on(g).

Niek/ Amsterdam.