Mediabay - oneshot vs loop attributes

I’m about to dive into the hell of organizing “everything” in Mediabay… It’s not clear how to distinguish one-shot samples from loops. I would have thought that would be a super-level attribute, so you don’t have to wallow in loops when looking for kick samples and vice-versa.

I can’t find a “category” or similar that just first excludes all the loops if you’re not looking for one, or excludes everything else if you are looking for one. The fact that we get a “loop browser” suggests there should be one single attribute somewhere that tells it which subset of the library should be displayed… but where is it? Maybe a non-numerical value in Tempo?

Looking at the factory content, the drum loops have a sub-category of “beats”, but for other loop content there doesn’t seem to be something that sets these apart, e.g. guitar plucks from guitar loops.

I want to sort of get it right at the outset so I don’t waste my week of purgatory! Thanks!

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If you are not comfortable with mediabay check out Loopcloud. Their new v5 just came out, check it out and make up your mind what you like the best