mediabay playback is out of phase/sync


The mediabay is lagging behind the sound for some micro/pico seconds…

Thx for fixing=)

Have you got plugins with latency on the master outputs - mastering style isotope etc especially?

Cubase doesn’t compensate for these in MediaBay playback and so yes - it plays back out of time.

I don’t know if its broken functionality (it’s been like this for ages) or just something that’s been overlooked, but it should be fixed.

hey bud=)

thx for the tip… but no, no plugins on master atm…

and- it has always worked fine here, no matter what plugins i use… (and on whichever channel)

-> this is new with cb10…

-> looks like thats good news for you then, because it usually works fine… - maybe it will be good again for you too in teh next update;)


edit: hmm, after a restart it is somewhat better… i will let this one slide for now…