Mediabay playing samples in time and also loading in correct project BPM

Hi guys

Wondering if you can help me.
I download sample packs and load them into mediabay however when looking at the sounds I’ve loaded in, the temp information is missing. When I try to populate the tempo to the individual files within media bay it doesn’t allow me to do it therefore when I load it into my project it loads in on the wrong bpm… it loads it in at 119 even though they are all 127 and it’s asthough I need to change all of the files to reflect the correct bpm within media bay.

The align to project preview seems to work however when I drag the track in it just doesn’t align.

Does anyone know a way around this problem or an alternative, I’m finding it really difficult to flick through my samples that are quantised to my project bpm.



Enable Musical Mode on the imported Audio file.