MediaBay: Plz, direct customization of Sort Columns and Atrb. Filters per folder/SubFolder + PRESETS

MediaBay is again, one of the greatest parts of Cubase, but it falls short in some corners of the UI and UX.

MediaBay gives the impression that it will memorize the attribute column sort setup per directory/sub directory which is great, but…

  • it’s sometimes intermittent and random. Sometimes, customizing one directory, will customize another unintended directory.

  • The ‘Include Folders and Sub-Folders’ button, changes the attribute column setup.
    I’m not sure if this is a bug, or if it is an intended protocol, and if it is intended… why, and what is the difference in memory per folder/sub-folder if any? How does customizing columns in this mode affect the sub-folders vs when not in this mode?

  • In my opinion, it makes sense and would be very nice if Attribute Filters, were stored/memorized per folder/sub-folder just like sort columns are.
    I want different Attribute Filters for my Reverb plugin presets than I do for my Percussion Loops favourites folder.

the big question

Should the above features, be done automatically - or should the user have more direct control to manually store things.

My opinion is the latter.

I think

  • there should be a ‘Store’ button or option in a menu somewhere. Perhaps the cogwheel menu.

  • There should be separate stores for the Sort Column setup, and one for the Attribute Filter setup.

  • There should be a ‘User Default’ in which any new folders/directories will use until the user stores a custom setup for that folder/sub-folder

  • When the user 'Store’s a setup, there should be a ‘Okay’/'Cancel prompt, but importantly there should be a tickbox option to change the setup for subsequent sub-folders in that particular directory top down.

  • A user can save a preset which appears in a preset menu, which makes it easy for them to copy a setup to another directory folder/sub-folder.

the second big question

If the above was done, should the current memory system stay in place?

I’m leaning towards no - - - - but - - - - - only if users current setups were automatically amalgamated into the new system as ‘Stored’ setups per folder/sub-folder, or at the very least, remained as they are when updating to the version that contains this new MediaBay protocol.

Thank you

Also, in regards to the ‘Include Folders and Sub-folders’ mode

If it does change the columns, I think it should change to columns of what ever top folder the user is in.
Folder A
-Folder B
–Folder C
—Folder D
----Folder E
-----Folder F

If I am in Folder B, it should use the customized columns for folder B. If I change to Folder E to be the top most selected folder, then it should change to the Folder E customized columns.

I’m not exactly sure what it is changing to currently. Is there a separate memory for each folder in this mode? I’m not sure @Martin.Jirsak, @steve, do you know about this by any chance?