Mediabay Preferences After Upgrade

I currently own Cubase Pro 9.0 and Absolute 3, and am just about to invest a lot of time in configuring Mediabay to my exact preferences, including Ratings etc for the vast library of sounds and settings these combined products give me. Before I put all this work in, can someone please confirm that with each new release of Cubase it’s possible to carry-over all personal preferences? I’m looking at this as a long-term investment, with the intention of keeping up-to-date on an ongoing basis, and am seeking some reassurance that I won’t be set back to square one if I upgrade to any future versions of Cubase.


Yes, follow these instructions to make a backup of your Halion and Cubase MediaBays if needed:

For user content like loose audio files, etc. the Cubase MediaBay applies the tags and ratings to the files themselves, so they stick even if you don’t follow the steps above.

For example, you could put your loops or one shot samples in a flash drive, connect that to another computer, and add that flash drive as a MediaBay scan location. The files would keep all of your original tags and ratings.

Thanks. I’ve read up on making backups, and feel pretty confident in that regard: here I’m focusing more on Version upgrades of Cubase itself. Does all of our hard-earned and cherished metadata survive the passage of years? I’m more than happy to put the hours in if I can have some confidence that my work is future-proof


Awesome. Thanks for your help

OK, so I just upgraded from Version 9 to 9.5 and ALL my previous config data is gone. Mediabay Ratings for VST Sound presets I’d rated, application setup data, everything. I have backups of all my user folders from before the upgrade. Can someone please tell me how I recover all my lost data? I can’t believe a Minor version upgrade wipes EVERYTHING?

You probably picked the wrong “Install for All Users” setting. You have to pick the same setting as your previous installation.

Take a look at your “C:\Users{{USERNAME}}\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64” folder.

It’s certainly possible, but I don’t think so. I think in both cases I just installed it for me.

In my C:\Users{{USERNAME}}\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg folder I see 2 folders - Cubase 9.5_64 and Cubase 9_64.

9_64 has the media bay I last updated at 7am this morning, and the 9_64 folder has the brand new database, (with none of my user data).

Is is safe to move the db file from 9_64 into 9.5_64? If so, is that the ONLY file I have to copy across? What if Steinberg made changes to the format of the mediabay3.db file in between releases - this sort of lift and shift wouldn’t work. Is there a better way to safeguard our data?

Just copying and pasting your MediaBay file to the new 9.5_64 folder should work.

Firstly, thanks for your quick responses! I’m really anxious to fix this.

OK, I moved the Mediabay3.db file across, and it partially worked. My ratings are restored, but all the Mediabay column and view preferences are not there, nor are all my configured folder locations. And, of course, the application itself still looks exactly like it does after a fresh reinstall as opposed to all the tweaking I’ve done to get it to my liking.

So, what other files to I need to copy into 9.5_64? Do I try selecting ALL files and folders in 9_64 and doing a mass copy?

It’s safe to just copy and paste everything, but the files relevant to MediaBay are:


I should have mentioned this earlier, sorry.

OK, I just did a complete copy from 9_64 to 9.5_64, and it worked. I’ve got all my preferences back!

Thanks for your help.

Is there anything I can do in future to make this less painful? I’m really worried that if there’s a design change to ANY of these config files between versions that such a brutal copy & paste from old to new might make the new version unstable or unusable.

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