Mediabay preview REX files at project tempo still not fixed

REX is still a pretty standard format in sample packs along with WAV, AIFF and sometimes ACID. WAV and REX are the most common, if it’s drum loops of course.

Look closely at what Propellerheads sais regarding Rex support in their lastest Recycle promo video.
Yeah right!

See at 16 sec

That video is four years old.

Yeah, but they are fronting it in their marketing ATM + it still don’t work … Lol

I also have a lot of REX files.
My interim solution is to use NI Kontakt to preview, NI did it better…
But you cant’t drag the Files directly from Kontakt into the Project.
So I have built some Kontakt Instruments so that I can play the REX Files on Keyboard.
(And most of them work perfect in sync…)

I am not really satisfied with my solution and I am waiting too, Steinberg…

Still doesn’t seem to be working - tried it in Reaper and it works like a charm…