MediaBay Previewer timedisplay/duration not clear

Hi, i use Media Bay all the time, i noticed this issue,
The time display in the N13 Media Bay previewer is not clear as N12. Please look into it, Thank You

Nuendo 12

Nuendo 13

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What you mean with “not clear”? Too dark?

I’m missing seconds/bars in lower part of the window in this picture.

Still there, just black now.

Sorry, Yes, its too dark …

Can you add the Nuendo 13 tag to it, please?
And, btw, it’s the same on Cubase 13 now.

Maybe @Martin.Jirsak can confirm this is already on the list?
Or who is the moderator for the Nuendo forum?


The fact that i could not see it in a screenshot says it all, you’d think.