Mediabay problems!

I´ve got some problems with mediabay for a year or so, no update have resolved it, or trashing prefs!

1 ) When trying to quit Cubase, mediabay saying it has to update mediabay, sometimes it reaches up to 5000 files, and sometimes I´ve let my computer on but the day after it still try to “update” so nowadays I just press abort, what is this??? And since nothing is added in the mediabay I wonder what is it trying to do??

2 ) Changing from folder Kicks to i.e Snares takes ages in the mediabay, it seems to be some scanning going on, but if I havent told mediabay to scan something, how can it take up to 2 min to show whats in a folder? it goes faster to just “import” in the file menu, I´ve checked my drives and there seems to be no problem, anything in my system or what is this?

Approximately how many files are in this folders?