MediaBay question

When using the media bay, is there a way to import only a section of an audio file instead of the whole file?
I know that you can use your markers inside the preview window to select a certain area, and import that selection but it still copies the whole file across.
My workaround is to bounce the selection once in the project and remove the unused file in my pool.
Is there a better way to do this?
It would be great if I could have a “create a new file from selection” option in my import window.



No, there isn’t, I’m afraid. It loads whole file everytime.

You could get rid of the surplus audio by backing up the project when you’re done while minimizing the audiofiles. That would save you a lot of time bouncing individual tracks.

Do you need to copy the files at all? You could choose not to copy the files but refer to them instead. You can always back up your project, including the imported files, if needed.