MediaBay - Replace vstPreset of selected track

Is there a key command to replace the vstPreset of the selected track with one selected in mediaBay without drag-and-drop?

Tried double-clicking, it just creates a new track, for which there is already a dedicated key command (Create Track).
Tried combinations with alt/ctrl to no avail.

Currently I have two ways of doing this:

  • Using awtRobot to dragAndDrop in the selected track after firstly setting the visibility agent to “selected track”, in order to get the coords right, and then undo visibility changes and

  • Copying all events of the selected track, create new track using mediaBay, paste the clipboard to it and then delete the original track. In this case the send effects are lost, while the inserts are lost either way. What’s more, this could lead to other (unknown to me but that doesn’t mean anything) implications.

I suspect I’m missing something here, hence the question.

EDIT: I have to guess that such command does not exist, so I edited my post to be a feature request:

  • Please add the command “Media->Replace Plugin On Selected Track”

  • At the same time, I think that simply pressing “Enter” should do exactly this, while an additional “Shift+Enter” could be used to execute the “Create Track/Sampler” based on the media type.

I completely agree with this request.

The only workaround I have discovered is to open up the “track preset” browser by right clicking on a track and getting an “abbreviated” like mediabay browser. From there it loads directly to the track.

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Exactly. This works very well, since we don’t even have to use “Enter”.

Good to know that I’m not the only one asking for something like this :slight_smile: