Mediabay resets ratings I have made over and over again

I’m having kinda the same issue with this.

I’ll update the files in the media bay, and within some random time the ratings for some files are gone!

I’ve tried to edit the mediabay3.db file but SQL lite won’t read it, so far.

Is there any way to stop media bay from resetting ratings I have already made, over and over again?

I would try renaming mediabay3.db to hide it from Cubase, and to start from scratch.

You should be able to open the db in SQLite, and since you can’t I wonder if the file itself is corrupt. (you don’t mention an error message)

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I have done this. Same results.

No error message in SQLite, it just doesn’t reveal the data but tables are visible.

I’m able to edit using this:

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