Mediabay scanning for minutes

Each times i hit F5 i know i will want to kill the dog. Mediabay will still RESCAN your shit even if nothing has changed, and you’ll have to wait soooooooo long before you can actually look for something. Same for presets manager…

It was hard on 8, but it seems worse on 8.5…

Is it a bug or what ? Is there something i can do ?

And… where did the playhead disappeared in the preview section ???

Win 7 x64

possibly this?

Hello Guys,

When you have rolled out improvements or adjusted qualities of your client content, you should refresh the MediaBay. You can refresh the MediaBay by rescanning or by invigorating. The plant content is refreshed naturally.

In the event that you have rolled out improvements to your substance and need the progressions to be shown in the MediaBay, you should rescan the comparing media organizers.

  • To rescan the chose envelope and its subfolders, right-click an organizer and select Rescan Disk.
  • To rescan just the organizers that have changed since the last output, right-click in the Define Locations area, and select Quick Rescan Disk.