Mediabay Scanning gets stuck in some folders

  1. Open Mediabay
  2. Select any folder you want to deep scan
  3. Wait a couple hours

What should happen:

Scanning finishes, all folder icons turn white

What instead happens:

As you can see on this screenshot, this folder is not scanned and registered properly. It is a very small library with only a couple hundred megabytes in WAV files. It should scan in a few minutes, if not seconds (with a fast SSD).
After even a few hours of waiting, the scan is not finishing and the folder icons are yellow as seen on the screenshot.

Only if I go in and scan the sub-folders one-by-one, the scan finishes.

Screen Recording 2023-11-27 at 13.13.26

This was different in Cubase 12, where I could scan my entire hard drive in just under an hour without any issues.

I also noticed another weird quirk:

If you leave your search word in the search field (i.e. the media search sidebar next to the timeline) and the folder scanning completes - there are no search results. You will have to delete your search word and type it once again until you will see your results. This behavior was different in C12 when the registered files would just show up without having to reset search

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I’ve had the same problem for 4 years. I’ve even gone through all sample libraries to convert them from .WAV to .FLAC using Wavelab. Stipped all metadata too. Still to this day, Mediabay gets stuck & them I’m left having to manually remove folder & rescan all of them one by one… VERY frustrating.

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Are you accessing your samples via a network share or directly from the hard disk? Just asking because mine is on a local SSD, which should be the best thing when searching large data pools.
I’ve tried some other apps for managing all my sound files and most of them have their own issues and/or crash while searching. I am assuming some background processes are also crashing when Mediabay is reading in all the directories. Honestly from all the apps I’ve tested, Mediabay still works best for me.

I also haven’t had a lot of issues since Mediabay got updated with Cubase 13.0.20 I think? I get that it’s still hard to track background processes especially on mac…

I have the same issues. My samples are on M.2 SDD with direct PCI access… Significantly faster then SATA SSD.
It not your hardware.
Its Cubase.
Probably the Mediabay Database file is corrupt.

Probably the Mediabay Database file is corrupt.

Yes that can be one of the reasons this can happen. However, if you just deleted your database file or did a vanilla install and this happens already within the first hour of scanning…well, that means something is not right either with the mediabay, file system or with the OS blocking folder/file access. It is a very complex topic. Windows and MacOS both have their own issues.