Mediabay Search within subfolder from parent folder Issue


As a sound designer for games, I’ve been using Nuendo for over a month now and I really enjoy the Mediabay for browsing my sound libraries.

The thing is that I struggle with the search filters, whenever i want to find let’s say “fire” related sounds in my library i have to go to the exact folder where that fire sound is located and the filter will work.

My problem is when I type a word in the search bar and I’m in the parent folder containing all my sound libraries (= lots of subfolders) the search filter doesn’t find anything. It’s a common feature i used on other daws like Reaper’s Media Explorer and it makes searching for audio files so much easier!

I’d love to know if there’s a way to set a preference or a searching filter parameter so that this will work?

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  • In Mediabay Window, Make sure you have selected your main Parent folder containing all your libraries.
    (You can do this for example, when you make the Left Zone of Mediabay visible and then click on your main Parent Folder)


a) In Mediabay Window, there is an Icon at the top left, looking like a folder with a few stripes, this icon should be white (so : activated).
(in other words: Your search will be done in all Folders and Subfolders within your main Parent Folder.
b) Make sure “All Media Types” is choosen at the top middle of Mediabay Window
c) Now, type “fire” in the Mediabay search field.
Outcome: All files which have “fire” in their name, in all folders and all subfolders within your main Parent folder, should become visible.
IF NOT: You are sure you have scanned your main Parent Folder fully ? (it’s disk icon in the Left Zone of Mediabay should be white, not another color.

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That solves my problem thank you !

Indeed my parent folder wasn’t scanned so when i clicked on the icon with the folder with a few stripes, I had no results.
Turns out it’s perfectly explained in the Scanning Folders section of the steinberg help site:

Thanks for the quick answer :wink:
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