Mediabay: Select output channel

As title says: please add ability to choose mediabay output channel.

I use mediabay a lot for searching sounds and loops and listening them synced with project context.
I’m always missing the ability to listen for example some drum loop that goes through group channel with some plugins in it so i can hear it processed. AFAIK all sounds from mediabay preview always goes to your master channel with no option to choose.

Second reason i’d like this option to be added is external DAW. I’m using Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 to extend my Cubase ASIO perfomance by 2-3 times.
All my master plugins and groups with heavy plugins are located in Vienna and goes there through Cubase FX channels. Then goes back from Vienna to Cubase clean master bus. That gives some delay (sometimes up to 1-2 seconds). To make loops from Mediabay plays synced with project tempo i have to link Mediabay output to go through Vienna master bus, but i can’t do this cuz Mediabay sound always goes to Cubase master bus.

Possibility of choosing Mediabay output channel would greatly improve my workflow and save lots of time during production.