Mediabay | Selecting "Slow" in character tab lists "Slow Attack" as well

Topic tittle says it all. You cannot list samples with only “Slow” tag it will lists “Slow Attack” samples(which has no “Slow” tag in it)


  1. Open Mediabay and pick VST sound (Default Cubase Sample Bank)
  2. Pick “Slow” tag in character tab
  3. Put "Techno - Stab 08 C" with quotation marks in search field.

Result: it will listed above sample even if it has only “Slow Attack” tag in it.

This can get messy with personal sample library in my case couple of hounded thousands samples.


If you want to be more specific in the search criteria, use the Logical search, please.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for replay but I am afraid you didn’t read my post correctly. Its not about search its about bug when you pick tag I mentioned above.
Think this way: You pick “Kick” tag and media bay list snares with the kicks although any of the snares actually doesn’t contain “kick” tag in it < This is drastic example with “kick” and “snare” tags, in my post I refer “slow” and “slow attack” tags 2 different ones!

Please read my post again so you get what I am referring to :slight_smile:


You’ll get more flies with honey, @User131231. No need to lecture the most prolific member on the forum about correctly reading your post.

If you want to report of bug, it will be appreciated though. Use the format in this post: How to report a bug in Cubase

I respect all on the forum including the most prolific ones as the new ones with minimal number of posts. I am not here to lecture anyone and sorry if I sounded that way, but with due all respect Martin’s answer doesn’t have any sense with what i wrote in the first place.

Also I tagged this topic with “issue” and described in steps what is going on more or less in mentioned format.

You should be aware that many people on this forum do not speak English as their first language,

Your reproduction sequence doesn’t contain all the steps needed to exactly reproduce your problem, so it’s possible for your intent to not be understood.

In any case, what Martin said does reflect that he understands what you meant, and I would have given the same answer with the info as provided.

That means that you didn’t read it either (no intend to be harsh here)

Please don’t take this as an lecture or any harshness from my side, I always want to be constructive and direct especially when it comes to technical things :slight_smile:

Excuse me once again if I wasn’t precise enough.



I’m sorry, @User131231, I was reading your original post wrong (actually, when I was in front of Cubase, it was really clear, what to do). You are right, I can confirm this.

As far as I can see, the Characters are write without the “”, for example Slow Attack. And it seems, MediaBay is searching the regular way. So the Slow Attack contains the Slow string, therefore you can see it in the result. If the Character would be named “Slow Attack”, this file shouldn’t appear in the result list of the “Slow” character filter.

Hi, all good Martin glad we are on the same track :relaxed:

Yes correct! You described that well. Thanks for confirmation.


I’m just thinking, if I should report it to Steinberg. To me it looks like, it has been designed this way.

I think that slips away on the dev side, since I am power MediaBay user I have feeling that this is not by design. Apart there is no particular logic behind to have “Slow Attack” sample listed in “Slow” Why if I have slow sample with fast attack? Yes I can put “Fast Attack” in character tag for those samples but that way character pick (one or the other) loose sense . Why I am convinced its a bug and not the design is following:

As you can see that number of samples on “Slow” tag doesn’t match number of samples that are actually listed. Meaning that some samples slips through.

Ok lets say its designed that way so by that all “Slow Attack” samples should be listed when you pick "slow"right. How come that we get 130 samples listed if we have 98 "Slow "samples and 56 “Slow Attack” samples(as clearly visible on the screenshot)? I am struggling to figure that out :thinking:

The same happens when you pick “Long” (it slips “Long Release”), “Fast” (it slips “Fast Attack”) etc.

Not 100% certain on this, but…

The logical search condition “equals” does not find media items with Characteristics unless the search terms perfectly match all the Characteristics of the item. In a way, this is logical, but I guess this is the reason for the above behaviour. That is, choosing to filter by Slow results in all of the Slow Attack items showing as well, since it sets either a “contains” or “matches” filter condition in the background.

Some items might have “Slow” as well as “Slow Attack” Character. But I did look through the results briefly on my computer and the numbers definitely still don’t match.


Interesting point. But unfortunately this also doesn’t work as @User131231 would expect.

Character | matches | Slow
=> Also the Slow Attack Characters are shown.

Character | matches | “Slow”
=> Also the Slow Attack Characters are shown.

Character | matches | Slow
=> No file in the Result list.

Character | matches | “Slow”
=> No file in the Result list.

Character | equals | Slow Attack
=> No file in the Result list. Weird.

Character | equals | “Slow Attack”
=> No file in the Result list. Weird.

Character | matches words | Slow Attack
=> No file in the Result list. Weird.

Character | matches words | “Slow Attack”
=> No file in the Result list. Weird.

Character | matches words | Slow
=> No file in the Result list. Weird.

But this one works:
Character | matches | Slow
Character | omits | Attack

Yep. Equals works with Characters only if the media item has a single Character. If the item has more Characters, even if you list all of them, they can’t be found.

Equals - no results

Matches - results

The above also shows that you can search for several Characters with matches (and contains) condition, but Slow still has items with Slow Attack Character in the results.

True, but in this case it doesn’t show items that have both Slow and Slow Attack Characters.


Yeah something strange going on, I ain’t dive in logical search tbh since I used that when I get into extensive tagging process of my sample library (to better isolate samples with particular tittle etc) Since than I relay exclusively on attributes.
However I have feeling that attribute engine uses some kind or the same logical search in background when you pick some attribute. That’s why there are some irregularities with the results.
Would be nice if @Martin can check with devs if that is designed that way, in my practical case I would need to avoid all of the menitoned “problematic” (if i can say that) tags in character tab. I got mixed listing of “reverse crashes” (slow attack) and “Snare rolls” (slow) | <<My library(not in VST Sound) :slight_smile:

I had a brief glimpse at the mediabay database file, and it separates different Characters with ‘|’ symbols. A logical filter with a matches condition of e.g. “Slow|” eliminates all the Slow Attack results, unless they also have the Slow Character.

If the Attribute list uses the same logical filter, just hidden behind the interface, adding the | symbol in the code after every selected Character seems like a possible fix for this issue.

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Nice find paka, indeed “|” symbol do the job for Slow character tag through logical search. But I will use only “Slow Attack” for my sample library since with that i dont get mixed results like with Slow tag.