Mediabay slow; solutions?

What can I do if I think my Mediabay is slow?

Every time I open it, it starts scanning again, and since I own the Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library which comes on a USB3 disk, which I -temporary- have connected on USB2, it takes ages to brows from folder to folder. I ordered a Sonnet USB3-Card for my MacPro Cheesegrater, so reading times should be faster in the near future, but I wonder why Nuendo scans my files over and over again each time I open Mediabay (which is quite often during a day).
It also keeps saying “Image Under Construction” in the Images collumn of the results list and the images even only update when I preview them…
What am I doing wrong?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

can the drive be read only?
Do you use a single local database (not placing the database on the drive)?

Also make sure that you search the folders, wait for them to complete. And then quite the program. The database file won’t be properly closed if you do a search and then get a crash for example.

A decent USB drive should be ok, but is it decent, or coukd it be a bad drive?

You might want to try clicking the little settings button in the bottom left hand corner of media bay and see if “Scan Media Folders Only when Media Bay is Open” and uncheck it. also you can limit your number of search results in that window. 10,000 is the default which is pretty high.

you can limit your number of search results in that window. 10,000 is the default which is pretty high
This helped a little bit, because it was @ 100.000…
I also un-checked “Image” from the results column, which made the scan/calculation a little bit faster.
But still not the fast MediaBay I was used to.
I’ll await my USB3-card, let’s hope it brings some reading-speed improvements…

Niek/ Amsterdam

Solved it:

First (1 week ago) I copied the library on a (USB3) disk which was read and write enabled, that made reading the library a little bit faster, even though still on a USB2-port.

Second (today) I installed a Sonnettech Allegro Pro USB 3.0 PCIe-card in my MacPro 5.1, that made the reading-times of my library back fast again.

Niek/ Amsterdam.