MediaBay sometimes reads very slowly

Dear Steinberg,

I’m using cubase 9.5.30 on High Sierra.
After a few minutes of navigation on the MediaBay, it sometimes begins to read some folders very slowly, which makes the MediaBay nearly impossible to work with! A certain folder may take upto 3 minutes to read and only wav files are in there, no documents and stuff.
The including folders and subfolders option is on.
If that’s turned off it reads everything very fast but I need it on.
It used to work perfectly on my older El Capitan Mac so I know it’s not a hardware issue.
I hope you can fix it.



Is the folder already scanned there completely by MediaBay?

only sometimes? :laughing:

Hi agurvitz,

I would like to dig into this issue but I can think of various interpretations, what “reads very slowly” means. What Martin might wants to know is:

Is the MediaBay “reading” from its database, or are you even referring to the FileBrowser in the “Media Rack” which is able to read directly from the file-system?

Reading from the database, needs to get the data in there first. We talk about this process as of “scanning”, that means, you check the check-mark in the MediaBay-“FileBrowser” (since C9.5, formerly C6 - C9 “Define Location” and before “Browser”).

The state of scanning is visualized with colors:

  • dark grey: not in the database

  • light grey: fully scanned

  • red: it’s scanning

  • orange: it’s partially scanned.

So unless all red and orange in your “FileBrowser” is gone, the scanning process is continued, each time you perform a search on such a location.

That is a common cause of things being slow.

Now with the Favorites in the MediaRack each Favorite will be scheduled for scanning but the process is hidden, so you might run into a non-obvious red / orange - scanning state.

I can be totally wrong with the interpretation of what is going on at your side. Maybe you ran into an OS compatibility issue. In any case, if there are “strange” things going on, I like to see what I usually can’t and offer team-viewer sessions, in special situations (pm). The MediaBay has some performance limits sure, but there are workflows to get around most of them. If there are really issues I need to be able to reproduce them, before I can propose a fix. Any help in form of detailed reports is very much appreciated. Me or my colleges will listen.

MediaBay developer (backend & logic, less gui)