Mediabay sound quality vs import


Is it just me, or when previewing a file through mediabay, it sounds real nice, then , when i doubleclick and import it into the project, it sounds… Meh… Not as good?

Im wondering what the mediabay signalpath is that makes it sound better than when i import the file with the same volume etc (doubleclick)

Mediabay= direct sound, import file=Summing discrepancies? Idk…

Am i the only one hearing this?


Are you matching gain between the two sources?

When i import the file from mediabay, the channel levels are set depending on the preview levels… (Should mirror the preview)

probably you are earing the auto time strecth on the imported sound! guess not tho


Why do things sound so nice in media preview/auditioning and then completely fall apart when imported into the arranger in terms of feel and energy content etc…?

Can somebody from steinberg please explain the signal flow of mediabay vs arranger?

Thank you.

Example: when the sound goes through media bay it sounds alive and when imported, it sounds dead (in comparrison)

I wonder if you’ve got the sound doubled somehow in mediabay… ie it’s coming from two sources and so double the volume.

Preview goes through control room (if activated), project window goes through your complete mixconsole´s signalflow. Other than that, they do sound the same, if not up or downsampled, or timestretched, or something similar.

im just waking up, so bear with me until im outta bed:P - i will edit this post once i see how i set it up… all i know is that i have 3 output sets… (monitor, hifi speaker and record to ) i have metering but im not sure if control room is really active… mayve half of it… lol - i will check when im up…

for me, it sounds really nice in preview…

then, it loses presence when imported… it hard to explain… it is a very subtle nuance…

its as if it gets quieter and colder somehow… then one raises the volume and it is too loud… so you lower the volume and it is too quiet. - this bowl is too cold, this bowl is too hot but the mediabay bowl can be dialed in juuust right.

it is as if the sound doesnt cut through the mix anymore with the same warmth and presence that it had while previewing… (even if you are listening to it in track solo mode and there is no mix to cut through and no other processing is taking place - at least not initiated by me or on the surface of things.)

I would love it if we could open many mediabays at the same time… this way i could play lots of nice sounds through it and it would sound really special… - well, that is one of the reasons i have requested mediabay2… to play X amounts of sounds through it… (among others)

  • trying to solve this obviously…

  • Does mediabay timestretch differently to the algo it uses on import? (-dont think it could remove that certain “je ne sais quoi” from the sound though) - but i will stay open minded on this one…

i will be back to elaborate in a few… snooze n slowly get up time soon:P

If you turn the volume right down in mediabay can you still hear anything when you preview?

Hi manike:), svenn:)

Thx for your solidarity:)

Yes, turning the MB volume down goes into silence…

-additional info: everything goes through the control room.
The MB preview seems to work in parallel to the master and has a more direct route to my speakers it seems…?
The fine difference is wonderous… Like when people say: this software emulation of X hardware is 95% there… But you will still notice that 5% difference between the two…

What happens if you change the preview to come out of the headphone channel which you can do via preferences.

While i do have cans lying around, my ears have not been accustomed/trained to use them and i can only really be objective using my monitoring…
I will follow up on this though (as soon as i am not in my snooze state:p)

Thanks for your ideas:)

Here is another idea: its a conspiracy and cubase sucks the lifeforce out of the music so you cannot succeed (lol,jk):wink:

hint: Although its called “phones”, it does not have to be connected to a phones output or to cans.

Good call.

I am too busy making music right now to check up on it… Its something that one can only test in the moment…
In a flow state so to speak…I cant force it…lol… It has to be realized on the event horizon and, while i am deeply indulged in this thing atm, the situation has to come naturally for me to be able to recognize it…
I will keep this post and keep my ears open. (As the last time it really bothered me to seek assistance was when this post was created a while ago)

(I might try to open that project i was working on the other day to see if i can pick it out (like i said, its very subtle and i need to be in a special creative/spiritual moment to hear it and not have my brain ignore it)
Keyword: psychoacoustics :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywho, thx for you help, and i will follow up in this thread asap:)

Edit: I just noticed that writing here put me in a “pause” state… Ima snack on something and open that other track quick…

Editedit: nope, i cant test it right now… I tried, but i need to be deeper inside to check it… Like i said, i cant force it… Compared to “that moment” my brain is having a “proverbial fart” moment at this time…(pls excuse my french)
I will do a follow up post when it bugs me again…
Thanks to you i have the “cans” test to throw at it next time…

Thanks again, kind souls:)