Mediabay, Studiorack and automation update request feature in Cubase!

Hi Steinberg

First of all congratulations with the new update to Cubase 12. A massive respect for going that dongle free way and updating the engine to 64 bit only.
With the new update there came a lot of features that are well received here in this studio. Some of them really handy (warping features). Since im a co-daw user, Cubase and Ableton, there is still some features that would make go to ableton sometimes, and if they got fixed, i would ditch Ableton for good. Here are my requests:

Mediabay update: For me a key feature that has been a well used thing in all the years, is the browsing for samples. But the Mediabay experience make it so slow when coming from Ableton which is snappy as hell. Mediabay in Cubase is at it is now indexing and scanning all the time. A request would be that it would be constant and not needing to load everytime you go into a folder, so it reacts just as quick as the ableton browsing system.

Studio Rack: A very used function in Ableton is grouping/rack system, that makes it quick do to advanced routing/effects easily. A very much useful function for a lot of people in Cubase. My idea was to make it mixture of Abletons Grouping feature (with macroes) and Waves Studiorack, allowing to also use 3rd party plugins, gamechanger for workflow. I know for a lot Electronic A-list producers this feature is a must feature/dealbreaker if they have to ditch their old daw.

Automation update: For a long time i was hoping for a particular automation function, but i havent seen it yet, so therefore im requesting it as a URGENT one to get fixed. Please oh PLEASE Steinberg make it possible to active an automation in the automation lane for the plugin, when you touch a knob in your plugin, not to write and read all the time. It makes the workflow slow, and right now Ableton has knocked that one right out of the ballpark. Please make it possible, so many hours can be saved workflow wise.
When you turn the knob in your plugin it should activate in the automation lane and activate the READ function as well. Please oh please make it happen

Hope you folks at Steinberg will read this!
Feel free to contact me on email if you want to hear a more “developer” kind of view on how it could work out, I would be glad to help:

Simon Gain
A pleased Cubase user, with a few final request before becoming a 100 % cubase user…


+1 on this one

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+1, I would expand a bit further on this:

  • media bay should be routed to it’s own audio channel too, so one can apply FX when auditioning samples

  • studio rack - don’t know Ableton, but I know Reason, and the Reason Combinator is amazing, being able to do this within the DAW would be very good. I also have Unify which does exactly that, the issue is you need to set it up from scratch, but to have the possibility to highlight few tracks in Cubase and combine and save that as a preset would be amazing!