MediaBay Thumbnails : Third Party Plugins & Samples

what a wonderful pic, isn´t it ???
Thank you a lot for this, Joggle!
and now we begin to pray…

(please, Steinberg! please…)



+1 Wonderful idea!

+1 to all this…!
(Really helps with the video you made @Joggle - thanks for that)

The Pool would be handy there too… (thanks @Centralmusic)


OMG, it’s still not added? 2016 NOW! Wtf steinberg guys? Every other sequencers use this options for the years. I’ve bought PRO version and have not idea that my own samples browsing is not supported. Sad :blush:
Please read yours forums and listen your users/clients.
+1 for the option.

you can have your samples,presets VSTI and Vst etc tagged ,and categorized and so on in mediabay.
the mediabay thumbnail is new in cubase 8.5 and currently support only steinberg products as i can see…
hope they gonna improve it at least as the suggestions in this topic, cuz the idea is good but its not implemented yet for “real world workflow” so i don’t find use for it yet :unamused:

As it stands, this feature is entirely useless as I uninstall all the original content from Steinberg as it doesn’t suit me.





make the pool have media bay behaviors, so that u can pull samples directly into VST samplers like kontakt
Or even better, have a project specific mediabay, that is only for current project


I just posted my desires in the topic ‘Mediabay V2’, but I wish that 3rd Party instruments’ sounds would automatically appear in the Mediabay, already sorted. For instance, when I search for an acoustic guitar or a brass band, the options would appear from not only my (ugraded to full version) Steinberg instruments, but also from my Waves digital synth, my Cakewalk synth and all of my instruments from my (new) Arturia V Collection V5.

Although it’s not a Mediabay item, I’d love to have a switch option for my 119 3rd party effects from Waves and Eventide to show up within the Cubase list in the inspector, rather than listed separatey under the 3rd party brand names.

All these effects and instrument presets are already categorized once opened up. Just incorporate them into the 2 areas of Cubase.


Just came searching on how to do this also… Can’t believe Steinberg didn’t add it, seems like an obvious requirement …

Looking forward to this update in the future… Hopefully we don’t have to wait till cubase 9



Still hope this is coming

yep! +1

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