Mediabay to 3rd party VST drag n drop?

I’m guessing this feature wasn’t implemented in C6. I couldn’t find any info in the new manual regarding 3rd party drag n drop… maybe it will come in a future update?

Steinberg apps support it, but 3rd party eg non VST3 cannot.

I don’t think it has anything to do with VST3 since the only 3rd party plugin that actually does work with Cubase’s drag n drop is Short Circuit (the old version 1) which is definitely not VST3.


Countless threads in the old forum testify that it is for 3rd parties to implement in their software however.


I’d give my right arm to have drag & drop into Battery. Bummed this still doesn’t work.

I find Battery way too arcane, especially after all this time. They really blew their chance to eat up the whole drum programming market.

shame on you Steinberg for still not allowing drag and drop to Battery. After all the posts and forum threads and countless requests.

just shows your stubbornness in the face of users.