Mediabay V2


Here is my vision for mediabay:

Mediabay lanes - a “+” symbol to add a new lane which will appear as the first lane. All other lanes get pushed down . The currently active/selected lane looks normal while the others are smaller and greyed out a bit
. All lanes besides the top lane have a “-” symbol to remove them with

Loop range zone- the area that is not in the loop is greyed out a bit

  • loop zone dragable by click/hold/drag edges of yellow area which appears when the cursor is in the area (it is . yellow just for the pic)

Snap on/off. - comes with grid type and quantise menu next to it so you can set the loop zone nicely

Transpose. - transpose.

I had almost the exact same idea, I want to add a ‘snap point’ locations for things like reverse swells.

I don’t understand what the lanes are used for in your picture.

Also I would like to add the option to use the sample (.wav) to create a mapped sampler instrument for thing like vocals/instrument samples/drums etc.

Lanes are there so you can play multiple files in one mediabay (as we cannot open multiple mediabays)

Also- mediabay cannot handle looking for keys like “Amin , Am , Dm” etc… Would be nice if it could…:wink:

Goo idea I have this functions

I’m workin’ here in Cubase Pro 8.5. on an 8 core Mac Pro w/ 64 gig. I’ve been using Cubase since SX3. This is my first post. I use a Korg 88 key Kronos and an Arturia 61 key controler.

I also have the new Arturia V Collection V5, the Waves digital synth, a Cakewalk synth that’s compatible w/ my Mac and the Steinberg instrument upgrades to Full versions. What would be absolutely awesome and very helpful is for the Cubase Mediabay to list all my 3rd Party instrument sounds in their respective categories in Mediabay. Most of these 3rd party sounds are categorized within the given instuments when they are opened up. If they could be searched within Mediabay and then selected from within it would be great! E.G.: When I looked for a violin in Mediabay, I would review ALL OF THEM, not just the ones in the Steinberg set of instruments.

My 119 VST 3.0 or 3.5 effects from Waves and Eventide would also be handier if I had the option to select them by function in the same menue instead of first selecting Waves or Eventide presets first.

This could be an option that could be switched on or off.

Since this information for instruments and effects both pop up as you open them, how hard would it be to incorporate them intob the category lists that the Cubase instrument and effect titles fall into.


-> may i add that mediabay should also be able to differentiate between Major/Minor…
(A = major … Am= minor)


keep your ears steif :stuck_out_tongue: