Mediabay volume problem


I use Mediabay while mixing/mastering, to compare with some reference songs, and I notice that after a while, and without moving the Mediabay volume slider, files reproduced sound much louder. (When this happens the project stays at the correct volume). To solve this the only way I found is to close and open Cubase again.
This seems to happen always, after a while (I haven’t identified a possible cause).
Any other users with this problem?

My system:

Cubase 6.5 (happens with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions)
MR816 X
Windows 7 64-bit
I always monitor via the Cubase’s Control Room

Are you sure you disabled the Main Outs if you’re using Control Room?


Thank you for trying to help.
But yes, of course stereo outs at Outputs are disabled (not connected).

eee I think I found it.
I didn’t know that the LE level (listen enable) affected the Mediabay volume also.

I would prefer that it didn’t behave this way, but well, now I know what to do :slight_smile: