Mediabay/vst memory


It would be nice for some “location” memory…

-> in mediabay-> the favorite/bookmarked selector up top-> when switching from location to location, it would be nice to come back to the layout (on the left side inspector) that you left before switching…


-> in Reverence -> when importing impulses, pressing the browse button should take me to my impulses folder from the git go…


-> in vsts -> when loading banks- to remember where they are (or can this only be done by the vst creator?)

Anywho, i think you get what i mean with “location memory” :wink:

Thx n greets:)

also the sorting of each location…


when going to X location via “favorite locations” in mediabay - the layout should stay the same…

  • Location X -> sorted by “size” of files
  • Location Y sorted by “date created”
  • Location Z sorted by “filename”