Mediabay .vstpreset icon differences

Hello guys,
I want to know what means the different vstpreset icon in the preset list of the media bay.

Some vstpreset have a icon with 3 squres, other have icon with 1 square… What this means ?

Here’s a screenshot :
Thanks for your help

Alexandre LeBlanc

IIRC, the single box is a PROGRAM (a single instrument for a slot in HAlion Sonic, for example)
The three box is a MULTI (two or more PROGRAMS in a multi-timbral instrument saved as a multi preset)

Thank you jaslan,
But i think that this is not the right answer. I have loaded a .vstpreset with a 3 square icon and it is a Spector Synth Monotimbral.

Im not sure but i think that the 3 square icon is for a VST3 Instrument Preset, and a 1 square icon for a VST1 or VST2 instrument preset.

Yes, perhaps you are correct. I do remember wondering the exact same question some time ago but must have forgotten the right answer! :smiley: