Mediabay VSTsound content not syncing with right pane in Cubase 10.5

Hi guys.

This has been driving me nuts since I recently updated to Win 10 & fresh reinstalled cubase & all my libraries.

Before the reinstall, all my VSTsound libraries were accessible from the right pane. Now I seem to be missing a ton of libraries in the right pane, that are accessible from the main mediabay.

I have tried moving libraries with library manager, reinstalling libraries… nothing works.

I have the following libraries for GrooveAgent & Halion & most do not show either in loops or samples or within the VST instrument menus in the right pane. No thumbnail pictures are showing for the following libraries. All are correctly installed as I can load them from the main mediabay.

For GrooveAgent the following libraries are not showing in the right pane. They are installed in the same location as libraries that do show there:
Neuro Mindset
Prime Cuts
Main Groove Agent Factory library
All acoustic agent kit presets (other than Studio SE kit)
Future Past Perfect
Metronomic Cinema
Colliding Worlds
The Songwriters
Funk Essentials
Blues Essentials
Jazz Essentials
Simon Phillips Studio Drums
The Kit has the thumbnail for the Kit SE

In fact the only 2 libraries that show up in the right pane at all are Bouncy Vibrations & Future Electronica

Same issue with a lot of my Halion libraries. No thumbnails for any of the Auron, Beatbox or Trium presets. Only Halion Sonic SE & HS3 multis showing, but no main Halion library.

Driving me absolutely nuts. All my libraries were showing there before this OS update & reinstall & I have installed everything exactly the same way & locations as before.

For reference I am on C10.5 pro (latest update), Win 10, full Grooveagent 5 & full Halion 6


Make sure the MediaBay Rack is reset, there is no filter, please.