MediaBay: weird previewing behaviour has returned!

In the beginning of April 2012 I’ve posted a topic about weird previewing-behaviour in the MediaBay.

I am afraid that the issue has returned to my system or nothing has changed in those 22 months:

  • I open Media Bay,
  • I select a stereo sound for previewing; Nuendo previews the file without issues
    After that, I preview a mono sound, and all of a sudden Nuendo plays the mono sound through my left speaker and the previous-previewed-file through the right speaker!
    This also happens when I preview a stereo file after a surround file: the L&R speaker play the stereo file while the SL and SR speakers play (parts of) the-previous-previewed-surroundfile……….

I had this problem in Nuendo 5 and since Nuendo 6 I’ve not heard it anymore but since today the issue has returned………

Anyone experiencing the same?
Niek/ Amsterdam.

Hi Niek

What is your routing? Do you use Control Room or not?



yes I do make use of the Control Room.
I am quite certain that I’ve got the right routing and settings (at least; they worked out for a long time :wink: )

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Hello Niek

Did you check if the problem is the same with the Control Room disabled?


Thanks again Alan,

the (not so)-funny thing is; the issues have disappeared…… I can’t reproduce it again, but if it comes back I’ll certainly report here.

Thanks so far.
Niek/ Amsterdam.