MediaBay wonderings

Hi there!

I have been using Cubase for a while but never really thought MediaBay was of any value for me until just recently. This annoys the hell out of me cause I could have saved so much time using it instead of trying to organize things in my own stupid ways.
Cause now that I have read properly about it, from what I can tell it is amazing for organizing audio files and building a library of my favorite presets from different VST-plugins. So I guess I will have to redo the whole thing

So now I have some questions to avoid wasting more time and do as much as possible right from the start.

  1. Is it possible to customize the categories and name them oneself so that they apply in the filter system? So that I can choose myself what the categories, sub categories and other tags should be. I’d like to use my own established vocabulary and categories of organizing .
    Or will I have to use the file browser on the left and simply create my own folder system that I can setup and name the way I want to and navigate around there? Cause that is possible right?

  2. What are the main differences between plugin presets and track presets besides the obvious possibility to save settings of the track, for example inserts, on the track presets. Is there any downside to using track presets in comparison to plugin presets? If not why would one want to use plugin presets?

  3. Is there a way of randomly selecting one or more track presets (or one or more audio file) etc through filtering or something inside the MediaBay? Or maybe somewhere / someway else in Cubase? Or even outside of Cubase in an another app / vst / OSX or whatever.

Thanks a lot for taking the time! Looking forward to your answers and to getting started!


Hi and welcome,

Open the Right Zone of MediaBay. Enable Define and click the Configure Defined Attributes. Here you can enable much more attributes or even add custom attributes.

Track presets contain the settings of the whole track. So it could contain multiple plug-ins, the settings of all the included plug-ins, Channel Strip plug-ins settings, etc. The Plug-in Presets contain the settings of the only one plug-in.

There is the Shuffle Results button in the MediaBay. So the results are not ordered alphabetically anymore. Then you can always choose the 1st preset, which is random.

Thanks so much for your answers, you have made me a wiser man!