Mediabay won't preview to project tempo

Hi guys,
i really don’t know what i’ve done but for some reason my media bay preview won’t preview and play at the same tempo as my project… even though i have selected align to project within media bay it still doesn’t align properly…

I dont know if its because media bay has already populated some of the samples with a tempo alright input in the box. but even when i remove this tempo in media bay it still can’t align to project…

any ideas what i can do?



In the MediaBay Previe sections, there are 3 buttons on the right side. One of them does the trick, Tooltip helps you. (Sorry, I’m not with Cubase right now).

hi, I’ve already selected this button on the right though… all 3 buttons are selected. thats why i’m confused…



“Assign Beats to Project”, the middle one is the one.

Os then the issue, Cubase does change the tempo, but it’s not recognised correctly? Does it change, when you change the tempo?

I’ve had this issue pop up before. What I do is drag any piece of audio from the Media Bay to the arrange page. Once that’s done then the Media Bay will start to sync correctly.

This one been bugging me from version 8.x
Yes, import file from media bay, then play it from your audio track.
Media bay should reset somehow and now play the files aligned to tempo.