MediaBay wont remember results columns settings

This is something I’ve never been able to figure out, and I’m hoping there is simple solution:

If I set up custom results columns in MediaBay (eg. I don’t want to see “Rating” and “Family Name” – I do want to see “BitDepth” and “Sample Rate”), next time I open Nuendo, it’s back to the default view.

I noticed there is a “Use Defaults” option in the Column Results dropdown menu, but no options for actually storing and retrieving my own settings. Is there something I’m missing, or is this just the way of things?

Are you getting crashes on exit? This only writes in my experience on exit. you may need to solve exiting Nuendo without crash. usually related to MIDI drivers or MACKIE control, some device connected

I got the same problem here with Nuendo 8.2. I set a custom columns and sometimes (randomly) they disappear, sometimes it happen after a restart, sometimes even without leaving the application at all. With Nuendo 8.1 this didn’t happened, neither with 7.x nor 6.x, etc.

It’s very annoying. I agree with diode303, it should be a way to store a set of columns without creating a Mediabay aspect for each set.