I’m trying to learn the Media bay. It seems very confusing to me as an organizing module.

Is it possible to create your own categories and place sounds for an instrument (lets say Padshop Pro) into that category for easy recall?

Suppose I wanted to create a Bell category, can I assign certain padshop patches to that category?

So far, and granted I’ve been looking at the first two pages of the mediabay section in the manual, it seems it’s not programmable. It has categories already set up and now we’re forced to used to categories. Am I wrong about that?

I’m not complaining even if that’s true. I realize the MBay is relatively new and I expect it will evolve like all things.


Am I right in saying that the media bay does not provide us with the ability to create categories to organize our patches?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you just have to create a folder (on your desktop) then locate it from the Mediabay.

Perahaps so, but when opening the patch inspector how does it categorize it there?

What I see is that the media bay has a way of managing patches but I’d like to click the patch field (in the inspector) and have the categories show up so my list may look like…

Strings - Ensemble
Strings - Solo

But instead all I can get is the patches themselves.

I realize it probably does it but I’m just having a hard time figuring out how media bay works.

I’m barely starting to get the hang of it.

I was able to begin categorizing folders for Padshop pro. Everything seemed to be going rather well. But when I got to Halion sonic, I found that I can’t locate patches by right clicking - SHOW IN EXPLORER - to take me to the directory.

How come some VST’s like padshop will let you select “show in explorer” while others like Mystic and Halionsonic will not let you.

My guess is, I’ll have to find the directory manually in windows and create folders there???