mediabay3.db size

While backing up my files I noticed the Media Bay database file (mediabay3.db) is nearly 800mb which seems rather excessive. I’m using Cubase 9 and do have over 30000 samples/midifiles/etc scanned byt still, 800mb seems a lot. Is everyones database file about the same size or is it just me? Is there a way to export the useful tags to an external file, rebuild the database and then import the useful tags to the new one?

I’m only asking the question because the Media Bay seems a bit sluggish and can’t help the feeling that the (unusually?) large database file might have something to do with it…

I have this question too. mediabay3.db in Cubase 9 was 500MB, in Cubase 9.5 it’s 9,6GB. No additional content added to database.