Meditative - "A Digital Prayer"

I’m sticking my neck out on this one. This is a real departure for me not sure how to label it either. Electronic? Experimental? Ambient?

I was putting some time in with Amplitube3 a while back while playing my strat and also ran AT3 through Valhalla UberMod and Ambience reverbs in parallel. I captured this improvisation and didn’t really think anymore of it. I played it back a few weeks later and discovered the combination of reflections created a sound as if the listener is in the back of a cathedral and at times sounds like a choir singing as well as an orchestra.

May be something…may be nothing. Not sure what. I welcome your feedback.

I liked :slight_smile: that a lot, very atmospheric and rather beautiful to my ears, always been a fan of this kinda stuff, this mortal coil being a favourite of mine, I think you need to shelve a bit of the bass because it was a bit boomy, couldn’t play it very loud, I would love to know the exact path please :slight_smile:

great stuff…Kevin

Thanks Kevin! I was braced for impact lol. That was a departure for me so I’m very happy to see a positive response. :smiley:

I rolled off some of the lows initially and compressed pre limiter but obviously needs some more frequency specific filtering.

I’ll try to load some screenshots tonight of the signal path.

Ta mucho!!

nice idea, creates an haunting mood.

@ polgara - thanks for listening and commenting!

@ shadowfax - pictures attached. Not a normal setup for me but it worked. :slight_smile: Line 1 is the raw guitar signal with compression TDR and EMT 250 (for chorus) bussed to “Group 7” with Slate, Amplitube, Valhalla Vintage (I thought incorrectly that it was ubermod) and finally Ambience. I used Voxengo on the 2-bus to increase stereo width.
A Digital Prayer - Channels.JPG
A Digital Prayer - Effects.JPG

thanks, I’ve downloaded both images…I fancy having a go at a song using this kind of ambiance…Kevin :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Great! be sure to post the results.