Megatrig Playing Speed

I’m trying to figure out a problem which is bothering me with the MegaTrig midi module.
I created a test patch containing 2 main layers (Staccato & Staccatissimo articulations). Each main layer contains 8 sub layers (roundrobins 1-8)

In the main layers I inserted 2 midi modules. A Layer Alternate to alternate between the 8 sub layers and a megatrig module so switch between the 2 main layers depending on playing speed.

So , when I play the alternating between the sub layers and switching between staccato and staccatissimo depending on playing speed works, "but " as soon as I stop playing and start playing again Halion skips the first note and doesn’t trigger any sample.


Playing speed is the time between two note-on events. When you stop playing the time is probably higher than the max setting allowed.

Do you use this condition in both Megatrig modules? Maybe you could set them both to the same value (0 - 250) but invert the condition for one of them. So to play that layer if the condition is not true.

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thank you for chiming in. yes I use the playing speed condition on both megatrig modules.
for the staccato (8th rep) I set the playing speed value 259 - 1000ms and on the staccatissimo (16th rep) I set 0-258ms.

I tried your idea and set on both megatrig modules the same amount (0-259) but inverted one of them and now it works :smiley:

thank you so much