Melda Plugins - Not receiving MIDI control


wavelab 2...gif
wavelab 2…gif

Hi I’m attempting to control Melda Production plugin (v9) parameters via a Kenton Killa Mix MIDI controller in Wavelab 8.5 (PC).

I’ve recently purchased the Kenton controller, its recognized in Wavelab and I can perform MIDI control over the stock Wavelab VST 3 plugins via MIDI control (Just click the ‘Circle Icon’ near the top right - labelled as ‘MIDI Control’ & move your desired MIDI control knob and its mapped).

(see screenshot titled Wavelab 1)

The Melda Production plugins (also VST3) however do not have this circular icon near the top right of the plugin window, but does have a ‘MIDI’ button which takes you to MIDI settings, whereby you enable the MIDI Controller tab, select a parameter from one of the plugins e.g. gain on 5th band of EQ and press MIDI Learn - but nothing happens, even when set to MIDI Channel: All

(see screenshot titled: Wavelab 2)

I’ve tried updating the plugins, reinstalling them as VST 3 plugins…

I also used an application called MIDI-OX to check what MIDI messages were being sent from the Kenton controller & these show CC messages transmitted.
(see screenshot titled: MIDI 2)

I’m aware you can’t create MIDI tracks like Cubase etc, but the MIDI mapping works for the Wavelab stock plugins, so surely must be possible?
Any help would be much appreciated in trying to find where the problem lays


MIDI 2.gif