Melody Lines on Piano

Pianists usually play the voice with the melody line louder than the other parts. Is there a shortcut for doing this in a Dorico score?

I think there is a way to set the velocity for each note in the piano roll editor, but that would be very slow and painful. I am sure this has come up before since it is an integral part of piano performance.

Thank you.

In 5.1, there is a setting in Playback options >Dynamics (that should be on by default in new files) that does exactly that, automatically (polyphonic voice balancing)


Dorico 5.1 introduced a new feature expecially for keyboard instrument and dynamics: (startin g at 3:29)

[@MarcLarcher was faster :slight_smile: ]


Thank you both!

Looks like I didn’t upgrade to 5.1 yet. I’d better do that ASAP.

Wow, 5.1 plays back caesuras! That’s huge.