Melodyne 2 vst3 and Cubase 6.5 64bit

Where in the plugin list for and Cubase 6.5 64bit should Melodyne 2 vst3 be found?

in windows ?

yes win 7 64

in mine; just comes up as celemony melodyne, not in an extra folder or sub-division. try reinstalling and make sure you choose the correct path for your 64 bit cubase plugins. ed

is the correct place to install
program files/common files/vst3/ ???

usually something like c;program files/strinberg/vstplugins

remember though that you cann more folders to cubase plugins if you need to. but it’s better to make sure you are installing into the right location in the first place. celemony and some others (cakewalk for example) seem to llike creating their own folder… ed