Melodyne 4 Studio ...finally....

Hello Leute!

I just received news from a a company I deemed dead for some time… :wink:

Celemony just mailed that the ever so long awayted Melodyne 4 is now available.
It comes with really nice new features, too, like native Melodyne plugin, instead of Melodyne Bridge
or Click Recording and Sound Editing ( adjust single tones/harmonics of an instrument or sound ).
Make a hybrid from any sounds / Instruments and keep/adjust their specific properties, Sax and Clarinet,
for example or separate the bass voice in a choir recording.
See the video about it ( ).

Early upgraders get 50% off, paying 149 €/$.
See the link…

Big K from Munich


:bulb: :mrgreen: Ssst! … plugin discount is a bit cheaper :mrgreen: